n i n g a s

fall for me


The now legendary saga of ARKADIAN NINGAS came to a screeching halt after the quasi-fascist, bureaucratic, sad excuse for a housing committee worshipping the almighty dollar, old values, STRAFF und ORDNUNG, drove the brave ningenious heroes off their bohemian, mind-expanding soil for world-balancing BRAIN-PRODUCTS.

And why all this? 0300 AM in the backyard of the NINGAS headquarters - which is also a backyard for other residents of this six-storey downtown apartment building - a semi-tribal rite, partly conscious action, destruction of a wooden BED with an AXE was taking place.

The SNITCHES instantly awoke and signalled the landlord who was ON THE CASE faster than you can say "THE SPANISH INQUISITION". But the real shit hitting the fan wasn't this innocent protest against the whatever-the-bed-was-representing (the society? the enthropic nature of... uh... nature? cosmic irony??). Ooh no. It was the pyrotechnically impressive destruction of one balcony where previously in the night a narcotic consumption of nicotine by some of the ningas was taking place, the fire ALLEGEDLY started by a stump of cigarette.

Melted plastic pots and other laughably small damages were exaggerrated by the genital-pugilistic housing authorities as the very bombing of DRESDEN would have manifested itself to the before-mentioned stinking balcony.

Absolutely NOTHING is proven. ACT OF GOD, the concentrated radon rays, miniature comet, that guy who tried to burn Michael Jackson's stage, are equally IF NOT MORE possible scapegoats than the NINGAS.

Whatever the case, this chain of events was to disband this band of glorious, tasteful urban style of living in the ARKADIA commune. These photos remain to testify of the glory days of ARKADIAN NINGAS.