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With the amount of festering boils in the digital art underground at an all-time high, some of the puss bubbling under was bound to erupt. Fascinating, no? Like the road side beheading of a buxom thespian? Go on with your sick self! Pinge and purge. No pain, no gain!! Click! CLICK!! ..damn it.


the official dogma for proper demo building. accept no substitutes.

 Get a clue   

codename chinadoll
a linear noninteractive demo show. requires a FAST PC and a 3D-card. DirectX6+ or Glide recommended for realtime action.

graphics, 3d and editing: Jani Isoranta
soundtrack: Lassi Nikko & Mikko Karvonen
programming: Janne Kontkanen
SurRender 3D: Hybrid Holding Ltd.

 7MB download (zip file)    SurRender 3D

assembly 2000 demos
feel the unbridled energy of's old school demo scene kids, now fast approaching their first mid-life crisis, which will no doubt result in bigger, better demos with more crowd-pleasing action.

eetu worked his 3d magic for Lapsus by Maturefurk. download below...

the legendary Orange crew came stepping out on everyone's toes with "the nonstop ibiza experience": code: Mikko Wilkman, soundtrack: Lassi Nikko, graphics: Iiro T Harra.

jarnoh (code) and jukka (gfx, music) fixed some mixed bag 64k java for good. not too complex, or is it?

 Lapsus    Ibiza    mixed bag

do you have an obscure, nagging desire to feel like someone stuck a meat popsicle into your ear and wiggled around like a warm and squishy acupuncture needle? cordially invites you to step right into the muddy puddle known as the brain that ate Iiro. why is he like this? too much reggae music?

 total cookiness   

g o d o g
a linear noninteractive java show. requires IE4.01+ & atleast 64MB memory (fast connection recommended!).

programming: Jarno Heikkinen
gfx & design: Jukka Kaartinen
music: Erik Lydén

 see the demo    1.7MB download (zip file)

the incredible particle machine
there's no return from this trip. your host: Mikko Wilkman.

 check diz out

an experimental performance that opened the Rotation 98 music video festival at Kiasma, Museum of Contemporary Art in Helsinki.

 webflyer    photos    credits area
an installation that can be manipulated with SMS or WAP. The installation was our contribution to the ARTGENDA 2000 festival in Helsinki.

design: the whole team
applet programming: Mikko Wilkman
SMS & WAP service programming: Mika Huhtamäki
graphics: Jani Isoranta
sound: Mikko Karvonen area web site    offline version of the installation

Arkadian Ningas former headquarters.


dive into the ultranatural world of PARONI -- you might come back severely braindamaged...

 Paroni's web site

PH1NLAND REPHRESH! designed the flyers and arranged RePHLeX's gigs on December '99 and December 2000 in Helsinki, Finland. come see the imagery of the braindance...

 party 1999 photos    party 1999 flyer   party 2000 flyer

short Flash clips featured at the opening ceremony for the Pakattu CD-ROM exhibition at Lasipalatsi, Helsinki. Flash trickery by Lassi Nikko.

 clip 1    clip 2   clip 3

more coming soon... check also the homepages at the people section...