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Doin' it to your earhole. presents grade-A wuss music, the kind that The Nuge hates. In fact we have a quote; "WHAT KIND OF FAGGOT ASS LUMP OF SHIT WOULD MAKE THIS CRAP?! This has nothin' to do with real, white American SHIT KICKERS!! What are you??!! A buncha vodka drinkin', bingo playin' homeysexuals? THE NUGE will NOT add this she-male discoshit to his link list."

So, there you have it. Straight from the mouth of the man who refuses to fix his mascara while orgasming...


Straight out of Jyväskylä and lately of Vallila, follow the cosmopolitan soap opera that is life on the cutting edge of a carpet knife. Domesticity never sounded this ominous. Imagine a padded ton of bricks. Now imagine it falling on a wanna-be, lame-ass rock critic like yours truly. THAT has nothing to do with anything.

 Aisth web

appelsap gives you the ear jammy™. It smells frsh and oily. It leaves behind a minty effervescence that validates your life. It must be the podiatrist next door... relax ALL your muscles with appelsap power.


Giant Robot
Finland's newest pop sell-out sensations! The men who write the hits you haven't heard! Keep up with these rare and secretive mammals in their native habitat. Witness the heartbreaking beauty of the mating ritual and behold the cycle of life in all its hippie impressing action. Check out the only hiphopfunk dubrockr&b band that heavy metal heads play air drums to.

 giant robot web

They came, not many people saw them and whether or not they conquered is currently being debated. Who are they? The A-Team of electronic music? Which one's B.A. Barraccus?

 brothomstates web

bob nissan
Everyone has seen this guy skulking around the barn on dark winter nights. Bob has a thing for milking machines. It's a lullaby, the soft sound of a mother's heart. In his music, he expresses his deep longing. He wants to go back home.

Critics have called this man a combination of Kenny G and Karlheinz Stockhausen.

We call him Daddy and he calls us his Bitchez.

 bob nissan

He came swooping out of nowhere, brandishing a hot-off-the press copy of Moe! and was ready to take on the world when the sea intervened. They had a coming together on a rainy fall evening that dealt a fatal blow to this pimp's apprentice's dreams of world domination.

 Crankshaft web

dj lämmin päivä
Admit it. You hate him, but not because he is shclocky (which he is), but because he gets you all hot and bothered. Horny. dj lämmin päivä, much like his friend and confidante Fred Durst, did it all for the nookie...

Unfortunately, djlp is being hounded by The Man and has to stay in hiding.

 dj lämmin päivä super www

Ovuca produced and is hosting Ovuca's web site. Ovuca is the Finnish talent of Aphex Twin & Grant Wilson-Claridge's UK label Rephlex. Site design by the clamoring, keening egos of mikko* 'poseidon' karvonen and jugi 'i am man hear me wheeze' kaartinen.

Go now and know the BOOM BLASTER. Say it again! That word will make you happier than those two dancing guys in Asian Dub Foundation...

 Ovuca web

Pink Twins
Ear-caressing noisescapes from our new members: bro vesa and bro juha. "Full aural operation services. Straight outta Helsinki, Funland. The pleasure is to play. I pledge allegiance to the state of rock'n'roll. The warm digital sound."

Icy cool, minty fresh. All manner of Nordice adjectives and expletives are hung on the shoulders of this project as it traverses the wastes of the 1nt0rw3b, but nary a word about reindeers. This is a challenge to all you would be critics out there. Reindeers, moose, anything...never use the word glacial again when describing Blamstrain. NEVER.