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  is an independent media art organisation founded
in the spring of 1998. was born from a desire to create free art, catalysed by the new possibilities offered by digital media.

the core of consists of designers, programmers, scriptwriters and producers working in finnish new media companies and research units. produces non-profit art projects ranging from new technologies to more traditional art forms. network is an open community coordinated by It consists of experts and organizations from a variety of fields.

The purpose of the network is to bring the different parties together in an environment that lives off communication and reciprocity as well as the development of new forms of collaboration and multi-disciplinary ventures.

By using the network, digital media professionals, artists and students can develop their skills and start new projects.

An integral part of network is the community formed around, an open mailing list (in Finnish for now).

if you can't beat them, join them
Joining the the community of professionals, students, artists and lurkers that is is easy. Most news regarding k.projects, etc will be a part of the flow of information at this Finnish-language list.

Corporations and individuals who wish to support can obtain a club membership. "The club" is also a venue for communication and information, a way for corporations to keep on top of events in the network. and media art networks is a part of baltic interface net (bin) and nice, both organizations dedicated to improving the cooperation between media artists and institutions.

haluatko tietää mitä liikkuu päässämme? me haluamme tietää teistä. liity ja kerro. club  

club membership
does your company have delusions of cool? here's a place to place exorcise those demons. don't be a wuss. join the club.


that's what k is all about