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Inflamed egos run rampant here as we flog our dead digital media horse out of the glue factory for yet another ride down arts grant highway. "Are we Gloucestermen?!" The answer is yes and you are about to hit the perfect shit storm, friend. I apologize for the mainstream cultural reference, but I just couldn't think of any appropriate lines from Maya Deren...

k.history is at your finger tips.

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6.12.2000 ph1nland rephresh'00 party
Ovuca, Maddog Wallace, Aphex Twin. Traditional x-mas. Maybe next time we'll let you in. I would like to take the opportunity to quote mr. George Clinton of Funkadelic fame:

No head, no backstage pass.


8-12.11.2000 Avanto Festival was involved in organizing the spine freezing, ball shrinking assault of noise and vision: Helsinki Media Art Festival.. juhuu in control. Olli Kuopila did the flyers, programme and everything else concerning the visual side of the festival. Avanto web was done by Olli Kuopila and Mikko Karvonen. Prepare for Avanto 2001!

 Avanto web 2000

1.11.2000 area offline is out
Go get and feed it with your keyboard. Wap/SMS support is long gone, but they'll be back sometime somewhere. We have to get ourselves to the sauna first. Patience. This is sponsored by your local processor power pimp. Go visit him before you see this or you will lose your mind and start saying things like "rulez", "kewl" and "h4x0r 0wnz j00!!" at the Christina Aguilera message board. area

16.9.-5.11.2000 Realm of the Senses
A city wide experiment in Turku. International contemporary art thingee. Our local heroes visiting were juhuu and anup. They came back victorious, shoes covered in doggie doo, glad to escape with their consonant pronounciation intact.


16.9.2000 F2F
New Media Art from Finland exhibition tour displays new Finnish Media Art. The exhibition will be shown in selected North-American cities. juhuu and tuomo are participating to the exhibition with their solo projects. lassi designed the webpages for the exhibition.

 F2F web

12.8.2000 K2V
The second anniversary of came by and paddled our lily white asses. Nothing could be done. The goings on were punctuated by salad, punch, Nygård and some drunk-ass programmer falling in the ocean. Thanks to our stealthy manoeuverings, the papparazzi were successfully diverted to stalk that k.wannabe, Rupert Murdoch. Hah! Put that in your media empire and smoke it, you fat slob!! We're two years old! We're two years old!! Nah nah nah nah!!!

 paparazzi pictures

4.-5.8.2000 Koneisto
The k.posse was in evidence. Right in the eye of the hurricane... We're talking about enough nu mediah to make your gums bleed from here to next Tuesday. Giant Robot teetered in a maelstrom of stage disrepair and soundman disregard, , brothomStates played a serene set to people more than happy to let the glutinous sound wash and absorb them, visuals by the usual crew of suspects: Anu, juhuu, Simo Simon and god knows who else... drunk designers, math nerds in dreadlocks and more art than you can shake your dick at. 'tweren't a wholesome sight to behold.

 Koneisto web

14.7.2000 Giant Robot - 66.6 bpm - the number of the dub
Giant Robot played for close to 4 hours as the crowd yelled and screamed and couldn't get enough. A good night for Helsinki's favorite pretenders to the rock god throne. The visuals rocked, the guitarist sported a flying V, many legs met many monitors and there was even a tiny little wall of sound... monitor installation was provided

 Giant Robot home

12.6.2000 The 10th City Project
Watch the magically mundane take over the internet. This is social pornography at its ennui-busting best. What are these people doing? We don't know. If you figure it out, please tell us. Unfortunately, subscriptions are no longer taken, but you can watch stuff like rubbing, giving mom flowers...

13.5.2000 Kukanpäivän Lempiö
For a healthy, refreshing dose of bawdy women and the pro-feminist men who love them, this was the palce to be. The Testicles, Hanna Kaila and Kipusiskot tore up the house. It left everyone wet, limp and drained...

 Lempiö web

5.5.2000 area chewed some serious CPU fat. It was a part of Artgenda in Helsinki. The installation was up at Töölönlahti Makasiinit. Now the installation is archived and you can try and access it with your pathetically inadequaste home computer, you pinhead. area

April 2000... SELLS OUT!!!
Ilmarinen, a mutual pension insurance company, bought assorted works of art produced by the cadre for their 1999 Annual Report. The print version, boys and girls, the print version. Don't ask us what this means. We were only doing our job. We pledge allegiance to the Hype. If the insurance industry wants a piece, who are we to deny them? Stop looking at me like that...