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Inflamed egos run rampant here as we flog our dead digital media horse out of the glue factory for yet another ride down arts grant highway. "Are we Gloucestermen?!" The answer is yes and you are about to hit the perfect shit storm, friend. I apologize for the mainstream cultural reference, but I just couldn't think of any appropriate lines from Maya Deren...

k.history is at your finger tips.

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19.11.1999 Tampere Multimedia Festival
our website recieved an honorable mention in this nu mediah competition. the cadre made a mind altering visit to the teeming metropolis of Tampere to disrupt everyone's plans for a sedate dinner with the sheer force of their raw digitalmediasupastar charisma.

 Tampere Multimedia Festival

6.11.1999 CLUB LUX3 @ VR Makasiini Warehouses contributed some yeasty, liquid visuals for the opening club of the Forces of Light City Festival.

 Forces of Light City Festival

5-7.11.1999 @ Kiasma
eko took over the project room. Legos ruled and a Norwegian TV crew was there for the scoop. Instead of believing a word we may say about it, why don't you go take a look-see for ya selves, ok? was a part of the international Temporary Media Laboratory TEMP -project, 9.10-8.11.1999.

8.10-14.11.1999 TEMP - a Temporary Media Lab @ Kiasma
TEMP is continuing the process begun by Next Five Minutes, Ars Electronica Festivals, the 1997 Euro-protests, and Hacking In Progress. TEMP sought to expose and strengthen the networks and processes that the World Wide Web, as an alternative communication channel, relies on. 5 different themes were explored in as many weeks and the posse will be present in numerous guises.

 TEMP - a Temporary Media Lab

1.10.1999 raises the stakes in their bid for global domination! eat your heart out, rupert murdoch! Orgies in Morocco, here we come!

28.8.1999 Time Tunnel VI @ Oulu SuperVision Suite club visualization tool was used for producing some eye candy for the club with DJ's such as Alexkid and Jori Hulkkonen from F-Comm.


31.7.1999 RinneRadio 'B' remix record release party @ tavastia, helsinki
Simo Rouhiainen together with Leena Kouhia designed the cd cover and the flyers for 'B' containing 14 RinneRadio tracks remixed by Jori Hulkkonen, Borzin, Mika Vainio, Op:l Bastards, brothomStates and dj Bunuel etc... the party at tavastia featured RinneRadio and dj's Borzin, Slow and Marko Ahtisaari!


28.7.1999 brothomStates @ saunabar, helsinki
britney spears' worst nightmare resurfaced in the bowels of Helsinki. the boys' unleashed a sonic assault while admiring all the heat- treated wood. some of the other boys and girls, those jaded pornstars of the digital media art scene, showed up. they drank something...


29.4.1999 all-stars feat. brothomStates @ blue room
aqua and backstreet boys fans fled in horror as the band began their mainstream-slaying sonic assault. we apologize for the lack of background data due to the fact that things got very OUT OF HAND.


23.4.1999 ZAP! - opening for the cd rom exhibition @ bio rex
the opening ceremony for the Pakattu cd rom exhibition featured flash stuff from

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15.4.1999 Best of the Year 1998 - award
the cd cover for the rinneradio cd 'G' received this award for graphic design. Leena for president ..!