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Inflamed egos run rampant here as we flog our dead digital media horse out of the glue factory for yet another ride down arts grant highway. "Are we Gloucestermen?!" The answer is yes and you are about to hit the perfect shit storm, friend. I apologize for the mainstream cultural reference, but I just couldn't think of any appropriate lines from Maya Deren...

k.history is at your finger tips.

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15.12.1998 Young Art in Finland - award
given by finnish ministry of culture and education, received this prestigious award of 100.000 FIM in 1998 for breaking new ground in combining technology with artistic expression and popular culture.

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18.11.1998 IMAchannel
an experimental performance where live music was combined with interactive visuals. the IMAchannel transmission was the opening event for the rotation98 music video festival at Kiasma...

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18-22.11.1998 rotation 98 designed the posters, catalogue, flyers and the website for rotation98 music video festival held at Kiasma, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Helsinki.

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28.10.1998 G
'G' - the cd from RinneRadio., together with Leena Kouhia, designed the award-winning cd-cover and the posters, flyers and decorations for the record release party.

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the wordwideweb takes a turn for the better when the world HQ is opened.

the official birthday of! the world would never be the same. everything you thought you knew about digital art, you didn't. not after that fateful day when our four young protagonists (Juha Huuskonen, Mikko Karvonen, Jukka Kaartinen, Markus Grannenfelt) wrote the notorious manifesto.