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Inflamed egos run rampant here as we flog our dead digital media horse out of the glue factory for yet another ride down arts grant highway. "Are we Gloucestermen?!" The answer is yes and you are about to hit the perfect shit storm, friend. I apologize for the mainstream cultural reference, but I just couldn't think of any appropriate lines from Maya Deren...

k.history is at your finger tips.

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30.10.-4.11.2001 The art of organizing
juhuu, laura, lassi and janne, with the outside aid of miha, made a good show of making some very nice people believe k knew something about organizing. Maybe k does. Nobody knows what k knows. Not even k. Ok? I'm confused...

 k.organizing art of organising

6.10.2001 Club Unity 5th birthday
The Three Ningas, iiro@k, janii@ and eetu@k, made a splash at this dance party full of impressionable youth. No doubt many mind were lost and morals suspended during the course of the night as this gaggle of Mephistopheli projected their deepsest, darkest, most cavernous secrets upon the walls. flyer command center gallery

lento is a primarily flogged forward, like a pair of oxen, by juise@k and aleksi@dodo ry, an organization k has a history with. The site deals with the manifold hazards of traveling fast (mostly pollution). Apparently, these boys failed to have the lutheran work ethic drummed into their obtuse skulls in grade school. In Finland, hurrying is an end in and of itself...

The Kill Elroy Travels advertisement, by jugi, murk and arttu, was published in Expressen, a daily paper in Sweden. The web site was launched, too. All in the interest of better riot safety for adventuresome members of the bourgeoisie. A public service by the faux-rebels at the virtually serious k.hq.

2.-5.8.2001 Assembly 2001
The air was thick with exhaled caffeine, sugar and pizza burps. And k.affiliates made a great showing eetu@lapsuus by maturefurk won a well-deserved first prize in the demo competition. AMIGA platform rocked the haus! CNCD put on some good, old-fashioned agit-prop with a righteous slab of Dogma. sivu@recycled by byterapers took 3rd place. Look at the link. They will save your day.

 lapsuus cncd recycled

27.7.-28.7.2001 Koneisto, Turku
Yes, Koneisto did manage to happen for a second time in a row. k.hippies (the k is silent) were in effect, loud, dirty and boisterous. Out of hand. Stealing the spotlight...luckily the lighting engineer didn't press charges. They drank, they projected, they conquered. Those Visigoths in Turku never knew what hit them.

10.6.2001 K3V
The third anniversary of came by and things got out of hand. Now. it looks like we have outlived most Finnish new media agencies, doesn't it? No negotiations here. We still have our lavish corporate headquarters with imported asbestos walls and Swedish furniture. We pay rent. Our party was stalked by a horde of paprazzis. Check out the results.

 paparazzi pictures

15.6.2001 Koneisto warmup
juhuu@k and simo@k kick start their 3d engines, their smoke and mirrors, and provide the ambience for the Koneisto Festival warm-up part at Makasiinit in Helsinki. A little taste of what to expect from the k.visual terrorista at festival proper. It didn't look ANYTHING like a Britney video. These boys coulda been contenders, but...

30.5.2001 i@k hits 100 subscribers
On this day, the 100th lonely nerd joined our mailing list. "Dear Miss Lonelyhearts", indeed. If you feel the need to share your genius, gravitas and weltschmerz with the rest of us, do subscribe. You'll be inundated by ART. The list is, for the time being, in Finnish.

29.5.2001 Ovuca web opened
mikko* and jugi, the Dempsey and Makepeace of web design, cranked out another site from their 24/7 Chocolate Factory. Ovuca is a part of the very over-extended k.famiglia and the master of the boom blaster.

18.4.2001 the new k site is opened.
Now with more text, more fabrication and more self-congratulatory hype. Hopefully, when we're not busy posing at various trendy bars, we'll see what goes on in the rest of the world and bring you the latest digital media news with the paranoid k.slant. Basically, more of everything you never needed. This WILL get out of hand.

 we don't need no stinkin' link. we already here!